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Become a member of Charleston Healthy Business Challenge and reap the rewards. Enjoy a suite of services, access to networking seminars, and be eligible for recognition as a certified Charleston healthy business. Start doing your part to make Charleston a healthier place to work and live today. 




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Your Healthy Business Toolkit

Once registered, participants will have access to best practice resources to assist businesses and organizations in their efforts to create a culture of wellbeing. This “Prescription for a Healthier Workplace” focuses on the following dimensions of worksite wellbeing:

  • Wellness Culture & Environment

  • Risk Assessment & Outreach

  • Nutrition & Food Environment

  • Physical Activity

  • Tobacco-Free

  • Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

  • Financial Wellbeing

  • Engagement Strategies

  • Evaluation

  • Workplace Health & Safety

  • Professional Fulfillment